Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li, Paragraphs Essay

Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li, Paragraphs Essay

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Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li
After the Roman Empire fell from 400-500 AD, many of the Romans sought new leadership in present-day Germany. Many of the Germanic tribes settled there allowed the Romans to join their communities and even adapted some of their ways. One tribe in particular, the Franks, actually took it as far as adopting Roman law. Their leader, Pippin the Short, liked the Roman idea of an aristocratic hierarchy so much that he had implemented it in his tribe.
Pippin the Short’s eldest son, Charlemagne, was born in April of 748. He was born at the top of this hierarchy and had the privilege of learning how to lead firsthand from watching his father. Even as a young child, he participated in the political, social, and military activities associated with his father’s court.
The Franks were barbaric, war-dominated people. I think this would prove to make Charlemagne more used to war and maybe cause him to want to take over surrounding areas in his adulthood. The society taught the individual to be tough and to conquer by force. It clearly had an impact on the way Charlemagne thought as a leader because it made him want a big, unified area. He was raised by the society to take something if he wanted it, he should take it.
Family was extremely important in an aristocratic hierarchy because it determined everything. What family one belonged to determined what clothes they wore, what jobs they had, and how much authority they had with respect to the entire tribe.
Leadership was passed on through family. So when Pippin the Short died in 768, the kingdom of Franks was divided between Charlemagne and Carloman, Charlemagne’s younger brother. Carloman died shortly a...

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... Dynasty wasn’t worth the trouble and spent his days in hiding so he wouldn’t have to deal with the responsibilities. Other groups saw this as an opportunity to shift power and although the Ming Dynasty was not overthrown during Li’s reign, it is widely agreed that his rule was the “nail in the coffin”.
Wan Li changed his surroundings in a negative way. His unmotivated attitude and refusal to help the people of the empire made the political and economic systems crumble due to simple lack of upkeep. His main “contribution” to the Ming Dynasty was to let it die.
I think Wan Li was a terrible leader and a coward. It was shameful enough to not fulfill expectations, but I have no sympathy for a man who literally hides from them. His people were struck with natural disasters, epidemics, and attacks from the Manchu while he did nothing to their aid.

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