Essay on Characters of Cold Mountain

Essay on Characters of Cold Mountain

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The film Cold Mountain, directed by Anthony Minghella, is set during the American Civil War and tells the tales of two lovers, Inman and Ada. Inman is a strong, quiet and very moral country boy, very different to the higher class Ada, who herself does not fit in with Inman’s country lifestyle. Just as Inman and Ada realise their love for each other Inman is forced to fight for the South in the war, and Ada is left to look after herself. Inman then struggles to make his way back to his lover; and with no means of contact Ada spends her time trying to keep up hope that Inman is still alive. Minghella uses many techniques to create strong impressions of both Inman and Ada.

Minghella creates a strong impression that Inman is a very strong and moral character who is stoic in his belief of doing the right thing. The first time we meet Inman, Minghella uses dialogue to give the viewer the impression that Inman is quite shy and socially awkward. This occurs when Ada goes to talk to Inman for the first time. ‘“W.P Inman.” “Repeating a thing doesn’t improve it.”…“Was there something in particular you wished to say to me?” “Nothing that comes to me’” This quality of being a very self-contained man is one that allows Inman to survive through many instances of human immorality and brutality. For example when the Yankee’s run themselves into a crater and the southerners start to slaughter them as if it was a “turkey shoot” Minghella shows us a close up of Inman’s face to show us that he feels that this is wrong through the broken look on his face. However he does not break down like many would but instead his inner strength allows him to hold it together and continue to struggle for what is right. Through this strength Minghella creates a st...

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...a is an example of the good. So Minghella uses costume to create a strong impression of Ada, and how she must change and adapt due to the war.

In conclusion Minghella is able to use many techniques to create strong impressions of both Inman and Ada. These impressions also allow us to understand one final idea of Minghella’s. It is about the power of love. However corny this may seem, the idea that love is such a powerful emotion that it can cause us to do amazing and also shocking things is an entirely valid one. Every day we hear news reports about crimes of passion, and equally we can hear stories of how the thoughts of loved ones pulled someone through a crisis. Through understanding Inman’s and Ada’s characters we can see how love is able to keep them going through the hardest of times. Minghella wants to show us that love is the most powerful human emotion.

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