Characters Morph in Henrik Ibsen's A Dolls House Essay

Characters Morph in Henrik Ibsen's A Dolls House Essay

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The single best invention of life within a story is death, not literal death but death of self, a change in character where a figure morphs into a monstrous yet relatable being . The character becomes someone the reader can relate to because they've experienced life changing events ,they haven't conquered life, but they've placed themselves in situations where they can't hide from reality and they must face it at one point. In Henrik Ibsen's A Dolls House there are changes within many characters that lead them to conflicts and even new lives ,these characters seems naive and idly to what is happening around them , but once they catch on you see they're not so ignorant anymore. The character that portrays a significant transformation in ideals and ultimately a different life style is Mrs.Nora Helmer, at the beginning the reader views Nora as a ditzy individual who believes the world is made for her husband and by her husband the esteemed Trovald Helmer but she later discovers that life doesn't revolve around anyone but her.

In a time of need Nora beseeched the wrong man to give her a helping hand ,a man who happened to be employed by her husband, no other options where plausible so she borrowed an impressive amount of money, when her husband strictly forbade any of those actions but it was used to nurse Mr. Helmer back to health. Being the stepford wife she was molded into , Nora sacrificed herself and her family's name to have dealings with what we'd call a scammer . But The money went to good use ,I mean who wouldn't benefit from a trip to Italy for a good amount of time. Once they came back from Torvalds sabbatical every cent Nora could scrounge up was deposited to her loan shark Nils Krogstad, at one point the money flow ...

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...had the same ones too; or if they were different I hid them, since he wouldn't have cared for that . He used to call me his doll-child , and he'd play with me the way I played with my dolls" She was playing a part she had been trained to play as a young child, she was so use to it , it became human to her to be so robotic . Although she discovered herself late in life three children and all , she finally found her own personal freedom.
Life is ever changing, it can take drastic turns, or even stays immobile for a long period of time . Nora is a character that experiences lifes hard throws. Through the events that she goes through she becomes someone else , she becomes who she truly always wanted to be but never had the courage to even think about being. When pandemonium arises in her life , she starts realizing that her life hasn't been lived by her but for her.

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