The Role Of Women In 'A Doll House And Simply Maria'

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Women have been given by society certain set of duties, which although change through time, tend to stay relatively along the same lines of stereotypical women activities. In “A Doll House” and “Simply Maria” we see the perpetuation of these forms of behavior as an initial way of life for the two protagonists. Nonetheless; we see a progression towards liberation and self discovery towards the development as a human being by breaking the rules of society. Such attitudes soon find opposing forces. those forces will put to the test the tenacity of these women; and yield freedom and ownership for their lives which are owned by others at the start of their stories. Josefina lopez introduces the father and the mother of Maria as a hardworking couple…show more content…
The woman in this play is a very happy mother, who does not objectify to be a stay home wife, her life is happy and although she was faced by many obstacles before, like incurring into debt to save her husband’s life, she is a happy woman as long as she possesses the love of her children and husband. Life for Nora seems as calm as it could possibly be, but soon after the promotion of her husband and the imminent consequences such promotion will bring to Krogstad, bring a new set of complication to her life. Soon her past mistakes come to haunt her. She committed forgery, by signing in place of her deceased father, which of course is taken as leverage by Krogstad, the owner of the note she signed, in order for him to conserve his…show more content…
This leads Nora into a frenzy of techniques to convince her husband into not firing Krogstad, however; Nora had been the one who recommended Mrs Linde to work for Helmer, who is now the one replacing Krogstad. After many attempts, Nora is unable to convince Helmer to keep Krogstad. The last day she seems hopeless and willing to assume the consequences, she has a final opportunity at getting away with it; by finding out Mrs Linde and Krogstad have unsolved romantic affairs and that he is deeply in love with her. This new development convinces Krogstad to be with Mrs linde, but unfortunately the previous letter telling everything about the debt and forgery was already in Helmer’s mail. When the night comes for Helmer to read his mail, he finds out about the note and Nora’s mistakes, he is quick to think of a way to come up clean, while at the same time dishonoring Nora for her actions. “ Oh, what an awful awakening! In all these eight years-she who was my pride and joy-a hypocrite, a liar-worse, worse-a criminal” (Doll Act 3). Nora’s attitude at this point is guilt and shame. Soon after another letter is received. Krogstad sends the note, implicitly liberating them from all guilt and also attaches a letter apologizing and explaining the events that recently took place in his life,

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