Characteristics Of Odysseus From The Book ' Odyssey ' Essay

Characteristics Of Odysseus From The Book ' Odyssey ' Essay

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Laney Hutchings
Period 5
Characteristics of Odysseus
Nowadays, most people think of a hero as a mentally/physically strong person with superpowers and the ability to save people. Odysseus from the book, Odyssey, represents a hero through his intelligence, slightly foolishness, and bravery. During Odysseus’ journey back home to Ithica, him and his shipmates encountered many difficulties along the way resulting in Odysseus getting back home with a few cuts and bruises. Odysseus managed to get himself through dozens of obstacles, and in his often success, he showed intelligence, foolishness and bravery.
One of the traits that describe Odysseus most is intelligence. To begin, one night while talking to Polyphemos, Odysseus tricked him into thinking he is someone he is not. Odysseus exclaimed, “My name is Nohbdy: Mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy.” (9.397-398). By tricking Polyphamos into thinking his name was Nohbdy, Polyphemos tells people that “Nohbdy” did it, saving Odysseus from getting into any kind of trouble. Adding onto this, Odysseus is very intelligent when it comes to the sirens. He decided to fill the shipmates ears with wax and had them tie him to the ship so he does not try to jump off. Odysseus explained, “Going forward I carried wax along the line, and laid it think on their ears.” (12.13-14). This is critical because Odysseus knows the sirens sing deathly songs, but with Odysseus’ wise ideas he was able to prevent everyone from being killed. Additionally, Odysseus outsmarts the suitors with a disguise. “A public tramp who begged around the town of Ithika, a by-word for his insatiable swag-belly.” (18.1-3). This is important because since Odysseus was in the disguise of...

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...owed by him, slaughters all the suitors who want her, ending with him fighting and surviving a battle against relatives of the men he killed. “In blood and dust he saw that crowd all fallen, many and many slain.” (22.430-431). This is crucial because it shows his vast amounts of bravery for his wife.
In conclusion, all of these examples from the ODyssey are all showcases of Odysseus’ intelligence, foolishness, and bravery. Odysseus showed his intelligence through tricking and outsmarting people, and he shows foolishness by falling asleep and managing to get his whole crew killed. He also showed bravery through many fights and getting by on his own. Although Odysseus was not always representing his heroic qualities, he was a hero and still is a hero to many people to this day. With everything he went through, he never gave up, because heroes never give up.

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