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One may talk about the heroes they have today, or even ones that have passed from before. If one looks back even farther, some of the most influential heroes are from Bible times. These are the people that God hand-picked and they put their faith in Him. One of the most memorable and influential heroes is Joseph. He showed many different qualities of a hero like trusting God, strength, integrity, devotion to God and selflessness.
Jacob and Rachel had many children and one of them was Joseph. As a child, Joseph was by far his father’s favorite. His father favored him so much that he made him a nice robe but didn’t give any of his other kids robes. Joseph’s brothers were getting very upset and covetous when all of this was happening. Joseph always wanted to be the greatest of all the brothers. He told them this and they became very hateful towards him (Bible, Stories, Biblical Hero).
Joseph’s brothers were so angry; they just wanted to kill him. They decided that was not going to be the best idea, so they decided they would just sell him into slavery. They sold him and told their father that he was eaten by an animal. They showed their father some of his clothes they had taken to try and convince him. Jacob, was so torn up inside and all he could do was mourn. Everyone, including his brothers and sisters came to comfort him, but nothing helped. He just wanted to mourn until he met his son again someday (Bible, Stories, Biblical Hero).
Joseph showed characteristics of a hero by trusting God with everything while this was going on. He knew that even though his brothers betrayed him and sold him into slavery, that God had a plan for it all. God would always be there for him, guide him and give him comfort. This is one of the best q...

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...ue hero. This shows so much selflessness, that Joseph still loved his family and wanted to take care of them no matter what (Bible, Stories, Biblical Hero).
As we can see, through all of this, Joseph was one of the best heroes that ever lived. He had faith in God even when times are tough and life hurts. This is the greatest hero of all. There are many people that don’t trust God with everything and one might say that they are not even truly heroes. Then there are the amazing heroes like Joseph, who did trust God with everything and had true devotion towards him.

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