The Characteristics Of A Good Manager Essay

The Characteristics Of A Good Manager Essay

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“Gender differences are a principal patterning factor in all societies and in most of the activities which occur within them.” (Watson, 1995: 156) A manager is defined as “an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. A manager often has a staff of people who report to him or her.” (Webfinance, 2014) It is a controversial issue that women or men have better leadership skills, since females seem to have a high education level these days. According to Early (2008), women hold 51 percent of degrees of bachelor and 45 percent of all advanced degrees. This essay will critique which gender makes a better manager, after first stating the characteristics of successful managers in management styles. It will analyse the differences between women and men managers. Finally, it will consider which gender makes a better manager.
Firstly, it is crucial to have some common characteristics in management styles to become a good manager. They can be expressed as organisation, communication, control, leadership and so on. Successful leaders are better to have large social networks, which relate to great communication skills, that can help them to build up close working relationships with consumers, employees and bosses (Goleman, 2004). Besides, having a well-organised structure of the company is always the key to success; so the managers need to have a structured and systematic working style (Wilson, 2010). Applying the right leadership styles is important to control the company better, good managers need to be decisive and assertive (Goleman, 2004). Furthermore, both male and female leaders have their strengths in leading teams . Men possess masculine traits such as aggressive, dominant and directive c...

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...tments in ASX 200 companies and 13 per cent of total director positions.” This reveals that there is an added focus on gender diversity (sherwin, 2014).
To summarise, this essay has examined different characteristics of management styles of men and women, provided an example of Austrialia and discussed which gender could make a better manager. Since the number of successful women managers is increasing steadily, this can show that they could make better managers than men. From the above information, women can success because of the determination to succeed as male managers have. This means not only men could make better managers, gender is not a factor to define this statement, but the ability and competency. Both women and men could be examined equally by their own personalities and potential instead of the bias and variety of judgmental opinions of gender roles.

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