Chapter 4 : Tom 's School Experience Essay

Chapter 4 : Tom 's School Experience Essay

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Chapter 4 describes Tom’s school experience in Pennsylvania and Poland, and discussed the relationship between math and many American students. Tom did not like math and thought he was not good at it. When he was asked to solve a problem in his class in Poland, he tried to make an excuse to avoid going to the board to solve it, which the book hinted typically worked in his American classes. However, he was still asked to solve the problem, which he could not do. The book explained that math is a difficult subject for many American students, and that on the PISA assessment American students score pretty low. Despite the bad reputation of American students being bad at math, the state of Minnesota ranked proficient in math. Overall, the explains why students struggle in math and what Minnesota did to produce high test scores.
Chapter 5 described Kim’s perspective of students in Finland. The chapter also explained the process to become a teacher in Finland in comparison to the United States. Kim was surprised about how serious and focused students are in Finland. She was especially shocked that the stoner kids even did well in school because back home in Oklahoma she believed the stoner kids did not do much work. In Finland, the process to become a teacher is much more intense than in the U.S. The teaching profession in Finland is treated with respect and honor such as the medical profession in the U.S. Finland takes pride in educating and training teachers to be well prepared and phenomenal.

Minnesota created a success story for their achievements in math. “In 1995, Minnesota fourth graders placed below average for the United States on an international math test” (Ripley, 2015, p. 73). Two years after, Minneso...

... middle of paper ...

...vates me to reinvent myself as a teacher to better serve my students.

Chapter 4 and 5 explained the difference in how students are taught math, and how teachers are trained in the U.S and Finland. The difference supports why Finland is outperforming the U.S on international assessments. The implementation of clear standards in math helped raise achievement in Finland. In addition, the rigorous process to become a teacher, allowed teachers in Finland to be more experienced and competent in their ability to raise student achievement. The U.S could learn a lot about how Finland changed their education system to become one of the leading countries in education. Based on these chapters and all the information provided on Finland, it appears that the U.S is missing cohesiveness in education goals and standards, and rigorousness for students and teachers.

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