How Music Speaks to the Soul

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When words fail, music speaks, that is what they say, and it is the truth. People think to listen jazz and blues when they are sad with a broken heart or when they are in love, lose their job. However, in the begging, when jazz and blues were not jazz and blues yet, when everything was to start the rhythms full of happiness predominated. The first jazz and blues musicians where African slaves or ex-slaves, so there heritage it was strong, and the music used to accompany spiritual, works and social functions. The blues was the first one the base for the jazz, the rock’s roll and the country. It was born in the south, but then was moved to Chicago. Why Chicago? A city that in that time was full of rules with the prohibition with one bring the gangs that started to command the city. Nevertheless, Chicago a city with many possibilities for the African American that was looking for work. So all that young people moved to Chicago, making the city overflow with colors, good music and many rhythms, this movement influence till now not just Chicago, but people for all around the word, all this change all way to listen jazz and think about it.

In the 20, Chicago was passing through a dark moment. The prohibition was there to make people stop with consume of alcohol, but all this prohibition just let is a remember of years full of gangs and illegal actives, known by the craziest years. The prohibition by then self was create to reduce drinking by eliminating the business that manufactured, distributed and sold alcoholics beverages. It was clear that a lot of people were against this law and would not respect it. It was a huge market for those who wanted do illegal actives. It was the gangster the gangster who dominated a lot of citie...

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... Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and others, helped to create the jazz that we have until today.

However, what was going to be about this musician if they did not had somewhere to play. In addition, for that was the famous clubs in Chicago, a lot of them were illegal (since we where at the prohibition time) like the, Candlelight held in a secret location.

Even that after few years all the musicians had change to New York dreaming about a life of fortune. Chicago it is until today known as the jazz capital and where the crazy years happened. Inspire Generation after generation, that is what music it is suppose to do, inspire people make their believe that it is a light in the end. In addition, that it was what the jazz made with all those people who lived in the 1920, with lot things happened the music came like a salvation to those who were hopeless.

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