Essay on Changing A Child 's Diet

Essay on Changing A Child 's Diet

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Changing a child’s diet is one of the best ways to lower their risk for obesity, for a poor diet significantly impacts a child. As stated in previous paragraphs, children today intake many more calories than they can burn off. Most of the diet problems are because of increased intake of fast foods and eating much larger portions than what is recommended. Changing a child’s diet from McDonalds, soda, and pizza to chicken, broccoli, and milk gives the children many more nutrients, which they need. Children are constantly growing, so it is important to give them the proper nutrients to help them grow properly. Changing the diet to more natural and healthier foods tend to have lower amounts of calories compared to the amount given. For example, one fry from a fast food restaurant can have the same amount of calories as one cup of baked beans. When the healthier foods have lower amounts of calories, children can satisfy their hunger, but also get a significant lower amount of calories less and more nutrients at the same time. Unfortunately, changes in the diet cannot be changed so easily. Money can be a problem for changing the diet. Healthier foods tend to be more expensive compared to the unhealthy foods. It may be hard with a single-parent income level to afford healthy foods like chicken and broccoli all the time. With all other expenses, there is a limited food budget for many people. The area where a child lives also affect the diet. In some area, there may be little to no access to fresh food. Changing the diet would be an easy fix to childhood obesity, but being limited by money or the living area can prevent a diet change.
The next most significant impact for childhood obesity risk is increasing physical activity and reducing...

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...ect on the kids. Making policies to have healthier food options does force kids to choose the options, but besides that, the whole idea of interventions does not seem the most effective. Interventions are good for some kids, but if kids do not take them seriously, the interventions will have little to no affect.
Children are growing in America today, but not in the good way. With children becoming supersized like fast food meals, the health of many Americans is going to be an even larger issue than it is right now. With many heart, bone, and mental effects obesity has on children today, change needs to be made. By improving diet, physical activity, and the environment, obesity stats can drop exponentially. America needs to realize the people cannot be supersized like their fast food meals, so they need to change in order to make the future healthier for everyone.

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