Why I Gave Up Being A Vegetarianism

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Title: Why I Gave Up Being a Vegetarian After One Year
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Teaser: If you’re not a vigilant vegetarian your metabolism can run amuck.
For a short while in my life I embarked on the world of vegetarianism — in fact, I was actually more vegan than vegetarian. But then, one year later, I decided to slowly include meat back into my diet. Today, you could probably call me a semi-vegetarian or flexitarian. Because truthfully, due to the guilt I experience cooking and eating meat, I prefer to eat it only when I truly crave it or need the extra protein and iron. Here’s what turned me back into a carnivore.
First, here’s why I chose to become a vegetarian
For me, the decision to remove meat from my diet stemmed solely from the belief that humans have no right to eat any living creature — period. In short, I believe all lives have equal value, even if they’re a non-human animal. An offshoot from this, which also helped fuel my vegetarianism, includes the horrendous treatment animals endure for the sake of consumption.
However, when I further chose to be a vegan it wasn’t so much fueled by animal cruelty, but rather, for the purpose of eating healthier and greener, and because I was experiencing a
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And, I won’t lie and say that I’m a “finger licking” carnivore — because I’m not. I cringe at making meatloaf or hamburgers, or anything else that requires me to handle meat with my hands. I still feel guilty eating meat at times, and I don’t think that will change. And, I still enjoy vegetarian or vegan cuisine at twice a week. However, the more protein and less carbs in my meals has helped with sugar cravings a lot. But most importantly, when I do eat meat, I choose meat that has nothing to do with the practices of the factory farming
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