Changes in the twenty first century workplace Essay example

Changes in the twenty first century workplace Essay example

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It was once a common belief that if employees worked hard, showed up on time and followed the rules that they would be guaranteed a job for life. However, over the last decade there have been changes in the workplace. There are two main causes for this change. The changes in the work place in the twenty-first century are being caused by advancements in technology and expansions in globalization through the Internet.

The advancement in technology across the world is a major cause of the changes in the workplace. For instance, the advancements in computers are astounding. Mainframe computers have given way to personal computers, then laptop computers, and now hand-held tablets. Findings of a study by IDC, a market research company, showed that by 2015 more people will be connecting to the Internet using tablets, smart phones, and other mobile gadgets compared to those who use the Internet through their desktop computers (Schroeder). Cell phones have also seen a revolution by becoming faster, more efficient and more feature-rich. It is even possible to check email on the way to work using a handheld device. A Nielson fact sheet outlining the usage of various devices in America shows that “there are 223 million cell phone users over the age of 13, and 25% of the mobile devices sold during Q3 of 2009 were smart phones. That is estimated to go up to between 40-50% during 2010” (Heimbuch). Individuals can text, status update, tweet, or reach other seamlessly by mobile devices that can fit in their pockets. Even the printed word may become obsolete according to Aaron Bradley, as outlined in his online article called “A Modest Proposal for Newspapers in the 21st Century.” In his article, he discusses how the printing of newspapers is be...

... middle of paper ... the new “flat world” individuals need to figure out how to become “untouchable.” He explains that “untouchables are people whose jobs cannot be outsourced, digitized, or automated” (184). He explains that in a “flat world” there is no longer a job based solely on geographic, but rather in most cases an available job “will go to the best, smartest, most productive or cheapest worker-wherever he or she resides” (183). He goes on to show that companies and individuals have to look at the global picture today in order to succeed (183).

The work place has changed through the course of the centuries. Technology and globalization are the causes of the change in the workplace in the twenty-first century. Who does what work, when, and how will continue to evolve as technology becomes increasingly more advanced and communication across the globe becomes more seamless.

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