Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat

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436 words

The world is flat. At least that’s what Thomas Friedman, author of “The World is Flat 3.0,” will tell you. Christopher Columbus knew that the Earth was round before he ever set sail. Why does Friedman believe that the Earth is flat? Friedman means it figuratively. Over many years, the Earth has slowly “flattened out” in terms of communication and progress. The entire population of the Earth has slowly gotten more connected, which levels the playing field for everyone on the earth. What does “The World is Flat really mean though? Thomas Friedman delivers the definition of “The World is Flat” in the introduction to the book. Friedman states that flattening the world means “equalizing, because the flattening forces are empowering more and more individuals today to reach farther faster, deeper, and cheaper than ever before” (Friedman 9). Friedman also goes on to state that flattening is an “equalizing opportunity, by giving many more people the tools and ability to connect, compete, and collaborate.” This means that the everyone in the world has a level playing field to compete on because of tools that have been created to empower them. Everyone has the ability to connect, compete, and collaborate on a global scale which …show more content…

Each Globalization is split into time periods, with 1.0 lasting from 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean, to 1800. Friedman explains that Globalization 1.0 was about countries and their muscle. To further explain this, he adds that it mattered how much “muscle, horsepower, wind power, or, later, steam power your country had and how creatively you could deploy it” (Friedman 22). Globalization 1.0 was all about the competition between countries and how effective you were in using your power in competition. Countries, according to Friedman, led the way in driving global integration in this

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that thomas friedman, author of "the world is flat 3.0," believes that the earth is flat.
  • Explains thomas friedman's definition of "the world is flat" in the introduction to the book.
  • Analyzes how friedman splits the flattening process of the world into three parts, with 1.0 lasting from 1492 when columbus sailed the ocean, to 1800.
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