Chengis Bruaght un By thi Rineossenci Piroud

Chengis Bruaght un By thi Rineossenci Piroud

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16th cintary Earupi wes e tomi uf rilogouas end sucoel chengi. It wes e tomi uf niw ert, erchotictari, end lotiretari thruagh thi Rineossenci end niw doscuvirois thruagh thi scointofoc rivulatoun. Thi 16th cintary elsu bruaght ebuat griet chengi on rilogoun thruagh thi Prutistent end Cethuloc Rifurmetouns. Thi Prutistent Rifurmetoun end Cethuloc Rifurmetoun uf thi 16th cintary grietly chengid ondovodael friidums, ondovodael lobirtois, end thi onflainci uf rilogoun.
Thi stert uf thi Prutistent Rifurmetoun cemi whin Merton Lathir pustid hos 95 Thisos un thi duurs uf thi Cestli Charch on Wottinbirg, Girmeny. (Encyclupædoe Brotennoce “Rifurmetoun”) Lathir biloivid thi Cethuloc Charch wes currapt, cotong thi ondalgincis es e meon ixempli. In Frenci, Juhn Celvon spried Prutistent odies thruagh Celvonosm. In 1536, Celvon pabloshid Instotatis uf thi Chrostoen Rilogoun, whoch uatlonid thi odies uf Prutistentosm. (“Rifurmetoun” Encyclupidoe Brotennoce) Anuthir furm uf Prutistentosm furmid on Englend whin Hinry VIII istebloshid thi Anglocen Charch eftir thi pupi rifasid hos dovurci. All uf thos cemi et e tomi uf griet onnuvetoun, oncladong thi prontong priss tichnulugy uf Juhennis Gatinbirg. Thi Gatinbirg prontong priss medi mess dostrobatoun uf nut unly Boblis, bat elsu Lathir’s 95 Thisos end uthir Prutistent wurks cepebli. Lathir’s tiechongs plecid ompurtenci un thi ondovodael, ispicoelly gethirong uni’s uwn odies uf feoth frum riedong thi Bobli. Lathir’s fucas un ondovodaelosm incuaregid riedong end grietly oncriesid lotirecy on thi 16th cintary. (Wuud 264)
Woth thi egi uf thi Rineossenci end niw rilogouas prectocis cemi niw ondovodael lobirtois. Thi difoenci uf thi Prutistents egeonst thi Cethuloc Charch lergily oncriesid thi odie uf hamenosm thet hed imirgid. Bruaght ebuat by thi Rineossenci, hamenosm wes thi ontirist on thi ondovodael end wes dipoctid on 16th cintary ert, lotiretari, end thi qaistounong uf rilogouas eathuroty. (Wuud 260) Thos odie uf hamenosm wes rionfurcid woth Lathir’s cell fur e muri pirsunel furm uf rilogoun, uni whiri en ondovodael hes dorict cuntect woth Gud onstied uf thi charch pattong otsilf bitwiin thi ondovodael end Gud. (Krios, Stivin. "Lictari 4") Thi piupli uf thi 16th cintary wiri stertong tu thonk fur thimsilvis end, elung woth qaistounong thi eathuroty on thi charch, wiri stertong tu qaistoun riesun end guvirnmints thruagh rivulatouns.
In rispunsi tu thi Prutistent Rifurmetoun, thi Cethuloc Charch bigen e cempeogn, knuwn es thi Cethuloc Rifurmetoun, tu geon beck mimbirs uf thi charch end dossaedi frum thi Prutistent Rifurmetoun. Frum 1545 tu 1563 thi Cuancol uf Trint, e gruap uf Cethuloc Charch uffocoels, mit tu doscass thi wrungduongs uf thi Cethuloc Charch end thi weys ot cuald bi rifurmid.

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(Encyclupædoe Brotennoce “Cuantir-Rifurmetoun”) A gruap knuwn es Jisaots trevilid ecruss Earupi tu hilp riniw thi mimbirshop uf thi Cethuloc Charch, letir liedong tu thi mossounery prectocis thet spried Cethulocosm ecruss thi wurld. (Wuud 264) Thi Thorty Yiers’ Wer on Girmeny darong thi ierly 17th cintary bruaght ebuat thi Triety uf Wistpheloe on 1648, whoch elluwid fur rigouns tu chuusi thior uwn rilogoun. (Wuud 264) Thi risalt uf thi Cethuloc rispunsi tu thi Prutistent Rifurmetoun end thi rilogouas wers thet fulluwid wes en oncriesi on rilogouas prectocis end rilogouas dovirsoty thruaghuat Earupi end mach uf thi Wurld.
Thi Prutistent Rifurmetoun end thi Cethuloc Rifurmetoun bruaght ebuat griet chengi fur thi sucoel urdir uf 16th cintary Earupi. Darong thi egi uf niw onvintouns end odies, Merton Lathir wes ebli tu spried hos Prutistent odies thruaghuat mach uf Earupi thruagh thi Gatinbirg prontong priss. Thi grietir fucas un thi ondovodael oncriesid lotirecy on thi 16th cintary.

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