How Did the Renaissance Change the World?

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The Renaissance time period took place during the 14th and the 16th centuries it began in Europe. The Renaissance was a time of art, open ideas, and new beginnings. Before this time there was the Middle Ages. Then it was not a good time at all, it was full of sickness, disease, death, and the plague it killed almost half of Europe’s population. After the plague slowly decreased the population in Europe started to grow. Lots of new things started to happen. Like Bankers Merchants, and Tradespeople had a new market for their services. People became wealthier and had more money to spend. People began to build much bigger houses and buy more expensive clothes and people became more interested in the art and liturature. People began to learn foreign languages, they read more, played instruments, and finding more that interested them. They were strong in the Italian cities they did more trading, people were more wealthy and people had more education. during this time people started to really open up their minds and see what others had in mind. To see the real beauty in art to look into other cultures and religions. Exploring the seas and sailing to other continents became very popular during this era. Sailers had more instruments, maps, and the ships were built so that their ships could last longer on their long journeys. Portugues navigators started to explore which they brought gold and ivory home. Then later they discovered that sailing around the southern tip of Africa would bring them to India and Asia. Those places had offered spices, nice clothing, and silk. Explores had brought those things home and sold them to richer European families. In 1445 German Gutengurg invented something called the Printing Press.... ... middle of paper ... ... Adoration Of The Kings is an unfinished painting. You can see the figures as outlines of light and dark areas. In this painting he shows the three kings who worship the Christ child. The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting he ever painted. Its a portrait of a young wife of a Florentine Silk Merchant. It shows a young woman with her famous smile sitting on a balcony high above a landscape. These are the things that lead up to the Renaissance, It was a beautiful time of beauty and art. Lots of artist at this time came out and discovered many different techniques for sculpting or painting. At this time many artist became very well known and famous for their time. They will away’s mean much in the art world, and they will away’s be remembered for the beauty they made. So their art spreads all over the world, to be discovered and recognized by other artist.

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