Challenges Facing The American Dream For Immigrants Essay

Challenges Facing The American Dream For Immigrants Essay

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Challenges immigrants face In the US
Trought the years so many people all around the world immigrates to the united states of America. Why would you ask ; whats there purpose ? these people that are called immigrants or grasshoppers. They immigrate to the us because they are looking for the “ American dream “ whats the American dream for immigrants you would ask ? the American dream for them is an equal opportunity to achieve success and their goals in life through all their hard work ; blood sweat and tears , they are very determinate to reach their plan when they reach US soil. They want better lives for their love ones back home, or an better future in America. Immigrants they go through an lot in the united states they have need to be really careful with immigration won’t stop them or if ICE go to their house or job and deported them back to their originally county .

Living in a whole new world , were you need to learned a new language and get use to a different life style it can be very intimidated for immigrants. Just imagine arriving to a new country unable to speak their language . How hard can it be for them to try getting a job , making new relationship or even accomplishing basic errands like going to the food market or doing some paper work for a doctor appointment visit. When immigrants arrive in the us they face difficulty speaking and learning English to fix the issue , most of them take ESL classes on public schools for free if their kids are in roll in any grade level in school , or they can find community colleges that can offer English classes for an inconvenience price that they can afford . for some family’s its difficult to manage their time between jobs ta...

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...hemselves together is hard specially if they need to start from scratch , immigrants tend to take the hardest jobs that no American would do for example they get jobs in cleaning offices or hard labor jobs . English is a major problems in jobs if you are new to the country you are pretty much like the only fish in the sea there’s people walking around laughing , talking having a good time at their job. what are they talking about you might think to yourself ? immigrants are an easy target to be discriminated and to be exploited in a job owners or the managers would give them long shifts and even dangerous roles for a very low pay must immigrants think that they dont have no rights some people work in a job up to 15 years getting pay way less than the others they are afraid to speak because they don’t want to get fired or the owners to call immigration on them.

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