Cell Phone Usage And Social Settings Essay examples

Cell Phone Usage And Social Settings Essay examples

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Cell Phone Usage in Social Settings
The general consensus about cell phone usage is that they are a distraction to most individuals. Cell phones can make even the simplest task increasingly difficult, such as walking. When walking without a phone, it is easy to avoid any form of collision or slippery area, but when walking and texting, the risk of self-injury becomes higher as attention is drawn away from what lies ahead when walking. The connectivity that cell phones can bring leads to many distractions in people’s daily lives, including distractions at work, places of learning, and especially in social settings.
Cell phones are used heavily by today’s young adults, mainly those 18-25 in age. These individuals have had phones present in life almost since birth, resulting in them being able to manipulate and use phones as if born with cell phones already in hand (Forgay’s, Hyman, & Schreiber, 2014). This age group has the ability to be in constant communication with everyone they know. They can communicate in conventional ways like make phone calls and send text messages but, with the introduction of smart phones, they can post on social media. This level of interconnectivity can be a great thing. It allows people to stay in touch with one another despite the distance between them. But this level of connection to others comes with a few drawbacks. Just having a cell phone opens up a wide range of ways to become distracted; not only when by one’s self, but in the company of others, cell phones can hinder experiences with other people in a group setting (Thornton, Faires, Robbins & Rollins, 2014).
People become so enamored with their social statuses or posting pictures of everything they are doing or eating that they begin to live...

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...uld have been doing any number of things, according to other findings, such as Forgays et al. (2014), they were most likely securing information rather than perusing social networking sites. Women may be more likely to do just the opposite and be on social networks.
Based on other sources, it can be speculated that the males were most likely obtaining information rather than updating social networks when using a phone since they spent similar times using it. In the present study, I did not record what the individuals were doing on their phones to which limits the interpretation of findings. Record what was actually being done on the cell phone would help to explain gender differences in cell phone usage. Future research can be conducted to include how the phone was used as well as for how long it took attention away from the physically present group of individuals.

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