Celebrities : Celebrity Obsession And Unhealthy Lifestyle Essay

Celebrities : Celebrity Obsession And Unhealthy Lifestyle Essay

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People often look up to celebrities as role models, but aren’t aware of the way they live. The media doesn’t portray the obsession, the other side of fame, or their broad casting. The stories read were helpful to acknowledge the way celebrities have their positive and negative sides of fame, as well as their reality shows. Over all they relate to how a celebrity can handle the fame. Their lives aren’t normal compared to ordinary people. Celebrity lifestyle may not be the life one would want to live due to the fan obsession and unhealthy lifestyle. While viewers often think of the positive aspects of fame, we are actually invested in celebrities because of their negative experiences.
According to Flora, “Seeing by Starlight: Celebrity Obsession” explains how we obsess over them. When the audience watch their shows, they believe to personally know the celebrity when they have no clue who they are. People tend to come home from work to watch their shows and have a conversation to talk about with an acquaintance around them. Those who watch television shows are most satisfied and create more friendships due to their own obsession with celebrities. Although we feel like we know celebrities by copying their clothes, faces, and hope for the same love life, we won’t reach the fame they have.
Flora explains to us of our obsession over celebrities but is it to be believed we are obsessed with them or we’re obsessed to make gossip? Although I agree with her arguments, I do not believe people have an obsession with celebrities but the gossip created by them. You have a better chance to hear the gossip rather than hearing the good they’ve done. An example is Jay-Z, he created water pipes for African children to have better access to water, ...

... middle of paper ...

...he “drunk” on the internet.
As one can conclude, despite my agreements and disagreements with the authors, I believe celebrities maintain a harsh lifestyle to maintain. Celebrities are humans just like we are. The have the same struggle everyone else does every day. The same insecurities, financial problems, and stress etc. Society should change into the understanding of celebrities and be able to let them receive peace. How frustrating it is to be under a lot of pressure to be seen throughout the world and portrayed as “perfect”. The media should focus more on important situations rather than gossip. For instance, the earthquake in Ecuador, people need help to recover from the tragedy. Yet, it isn’t addressed on the media like Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit. We should be more understanding to know how naïve we are towards the media, and stop avoiding what’s important.

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