The Catholic Social Teaching Of Human Dignity Essay

The Catholic Social Teaching Of Human Dignity Essay

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Throughout all of the work done by Caritas and DPA the Catholic social teaching of human dignity is present. This is because the main purpose for Caritas working with the people in Cambodia is to give them back their rights of things such as human dignity, which then results in them getting closer to achieving their mission statement of working for a ‘world free of poverty and injustice’. By doing this Caritas is giving the people of Cambodia the right motivation and skills to futher themselves and create a better community for future generations.

Through Caritas’ actions of holding sessions for all people of the comminty, where they learn things such as summer ploughing and maximizing their resources, they are also learning to become more self efficient. In these sessions, Caritas and DPA are assisting farmers in growing other crops as well as rice, such as vegetables,and fruits, they also try to engage the farmers in livestock rearing and fisheries. Through doing these things, the farmers are more ensured to get a better supply of fresh, nutrient foods for the family and more inco...

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