Essay on Catholic Nuns: Moving Beyound the Stereotypes

Essay on Catholic Nuns: Moving Beyound the Stereotypes

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Society forms opinions on groups of people based on what some of the individuals do. Groups of people are judged by others because of appearances or actions. There are different stereotypes for most types of people that are given by others without really knowing about that specific group. Society also has misconceptions because individuals do not know each other well enough or make an opinion about each other from just a few things that are known. Every culture has different beliefs which leads to people assuming things that are not true which can cause misconceptions to happen. Just because a small percentage of the whole group is doing something does not mean that the entire group is doing that same thing. Individuals should stop forming an opinion on other people since most of the time those opinions are not true. This happens often with Catholic nuns since people assume and form false images of the way these religious women live life.
People have created stereotypes on others based on the individual's’ background and characteristics. In many circumstances people are labeled with a certain name because of the racial background. In Prelude: The Barbershop Vershawn Ashanti Young states “Thus in addition to enchantment, I felt a conflicting fusion of fortune and tribulation-fortune because my language and demeanor often mark me as educated, separating me from those who exemplify the stigmatized (and paradoxically romanticized) black male profile, and consequently excusing me, though certainly not always, from the plight that follows that image” (2). By creating the negative stereotype about black males people do not even think twice before making an assumption about how those men are. This affects the whole group since even though...

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...nd do much more than people think. Society has a way of seeing people which is in many cases not at all how those individuals really are.

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