The Catalyst that Changed Modern America Essay

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There are many spurs who did not play basketball in San Antonio for the National Basketball Association against twenty nine other teams. Many of these humans chose to change the world due to their interest and not for wealth. Henry David Thoreau found even the most absurd things to grasp his attention, which was important to the ignorance of the people. Agitated about the government, he wanted to see the correct behavior and the goodness of human character. Thoreau also stressed the concern to stand out and alone. If you only had a few to agree with your values and principles then keep them around to fight beside you. The observations brought to sight by Thoreau made him very unpopular due to the subject he spoke on. He also wanted men to stand up for themselves, even if it means they may lose their jobs or ranks wherever they worked or military status they held. He also found comfort in the places where many people struggle or look for hope at. Thoreau was a former student of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who is considered as the “father” of American literature. Following the key concepts of Transcendentalism, Thoreau fought against the government by himself or with a small group, and not even incarceration could stop his understanding of the nature of reality.
Thoreau wants a better government so that innocent people will not be subjects but the men and women they really are. There are many unjust laws that should be followed or there are many unjust laws that should be amended pronto. The government does not make decisions due to what really happened, but by covering up their tracks making irrational concepts as barricades. Do not follow the government’s tactics if you understand fully the wrong that they are committing. ...

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...ho is a pet to the liaison. Their fantasy bounds them behind the cages of real life. The trend is there to suck the sense of sight away from the people who plan on reaching their goals. It is not of obligation to follow the trend but of decision. The people that reject the drift are the unique beings who do not blend in with the vogue like chameleons camouflage in nature.

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