An Analysis Of Henry Thoreau: Resistance To Civil Government

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Risking the Lives of Many
In Henry Thoreau’s essay, Resistance to Civil Government, the harmless actions he takes to rebel against the government are considered acts of civil disobedience. He talks about how the government acts wrongful such as, slavery and the Mexican-American war. This writing persuades Nathaniel Heatwole, a twenty-year-old college student studying at Guildford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, to take matters into his own hands, by smuggling illegal items on multiple Southwest airplanes. The reason in that being, is to show the people that our nation is unsafe and dangerous. In doing this, he takes his rebellion one step too far, by not only jeopardizing his life, but as well as many other innocent lives.
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Unfortunately, Heatwole takes this whole situation way too far. A statement an affidavit stated, “He was aware that his actions were against the law and that he was aware of the potential consequences for his actions…” (“Student Charged”). To explain, he knew that he was risking thousands of innocent lives, just to bring the point across that anyone can go through TSA with suspicious items on them. This affidavit goes on to state, “...that his actions were an act of civil disobedience with the aim of improving public safety for the air-traveling public” (“Student charged”). His actions were not acts of civil disobedience. If you have to endanger the lives of thousands air-travelers for the need to increase the safety of traveling, that is plain selfishness. The basic reasoning as to why Heatwole wanted to commit these acts was, as a result of civil disobedience. In relation to, civil disobedience is defined as a peaceful form of political protest, in which Heatwole did not achieve by his actions. In no, way shape or form could anyone find what Heatwole did peaceful. He was careless with the lives of the passengers, and was practically using them for his own gain. The idea of civil disobedience came from the poet Henry Thoreau, a Transcendentalist who did not trust the government. He denounced the federal…show more content…
Assuming he spends a couple years in a jail cell and placed on the “no fly list” would be an appropriate disciplinary action. Although, he was doing for the greater good of people, it still does not give him the right to take away the feeling of security from everyone else. It cannot be stressed enough, that he endangered the lives of many innocent lives by committing this crime. When living in any country, there are always certain laws that must be followed fully, in saying whether they are morally right or wrong. Even though, many people will not agree with certain policies that each government enforces, you still have to abide by your government’s laws. Eventually, the banned items were also safely found a board in the restrooms of the tainted planes in the southern areas like; New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, there may not be a variety of bright ways to draw attention to your beliefs, and expressing your problem to the public. The reason why Heatwole is connected to Thoreau, is to bring out the point that they both wanted to share their own beliefs with the world. They both want a better, safer place for our future generations to live in. Nevertheless, what Heatwole did was wrong. Furthermore, in following he’s footsteps, by threatening the lives of countless people and his own, and smuggling concealed items that the TSA have

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