Case Summary of Shivapakiam Using Personality Assessment Tools Essay

Case Summary of Shivapakiam Using Personality Assessment Tools Essay

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Shivapakiam, better known as Shiva, is a twenty-two year old, timid lady. She does not easily open up or even speak to anyone out of her comfort zone. She has only one best friend whom she knows since she was seven. Shiva lives in a double story terrace apartment with her parents and siblings. Unlike her two younger sisters, who wears the latest designer clothes and carries designer bags, Shiva always prefers to keep it simple. As her parents are workaholics, Shiva is portrayed as a motherly figure to her younger sisters. She never fails to look after them as well as herself concentrate in her university studies. Moreover, she is also in charge of the cleanliness and tidiness of her house. With seldom help from her siblings, she cleans the house five times a week by arranging everything in her house in a neat order. Shiva also has a habit of labeling important things around her house as she finds it useful in finding them when she urgently needs it. Nevertheless, during her little free time, she always indulges herself with art and poetry. Shiva is an overall calm person, but only becomes furious is when things doesn’t go her way and she goes all out to be very persistent in what she wants. As Shiva is studying in a university, almost every day she is occupied with assignments, exams and her most hated class presentations. Shiva have noticed that when it comes to her exam period she gets extremely nervous and anxious, till she breaks down and seeks her best friend for comfort.

Assessment Tools
Shiva was requested to complete three various assessment tools and these assessment tools were used to assess and evaluate Shiva’s personality. The three assessment tools were, NEO Personality Inventory – Revised (NEO-PI-R), A Psychodyn...

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... from

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