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Personality Assessment Before taking this test, I began to think every open-minded about this five factor personality assessment. During this assessment, I realized that I was asked too little of information for this assessment to determine my exact personality. After, I received this screen telling my personality. There were five main factors and I was also told a score for all five factors. The factors were extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. Extraversion is the trait that reflects our preference and behavior in social situation. High scorers are known to be the center of attention and are very energetic. Low scorers are introverts, as I was told by this test, and are more reserved. I had a score…show more content…
In this trait agreeableness is how we interact with others. People that are high scorers are trusting, friendly, and cooperative. Someone that scored low are supposed to be more aggressive and not cooperative. I scored average. This means I am in the middle of the high and lower scores. I believe that trusting, friendly, and agreeableness do not belong in the same factor. I believe that a person can be friendly but not trusting. I also believe that I can disagree with someone and be totally friendly about it. I believe that I am a friendly person and that I am not close to being aggressive toward someone. I disagree with this factor all…show more content…
I believe all factors were accurate but factor two. This test was very short and did not reach all the aspects of personality. I believe that factor two could be split up because the words that are used to describe the factor all mean different things and could be used differently. I believe there are people that are friendly but not trusting. This factor had too much detail for it to come back to meaning one thing, agreeableness. In Psychology in Action, it is said that some assumptions are unduly and overlook the negative aspects of human nature. (Huffman & Dowdell 2015, pp. 425) I also think this factor test provided narrowness. This was overlooking the surface of some personalities. Personality is a deep structure and this test only see’s part of it. (Huffman & Dowdell 2015, pp. 425) Factor two has been researched that some agreeable individuals are likely to be untrustworthy and help in unhelpful acts. (Five factor model of personality) It could be known that this test stereotypes agreeableness. Someone that is agreeable is supposed to be cooperative, sincere, compliant, and trustworthy. Some people want to be seen as agreeable because it will make them looked over as more liked by the population. This will create an advantage for popularity. Agreeableness can also be a disadvantage if one is being pressured to do something wrong. This could be unhelpful in those kinds of situations. It is seen that people who
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