Case Study : Pacific Healthcare Company Essay

Case Study : Pacific Healthcare Company Essay

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There is an old saying in business that if something isn’t broken then don’t fix it, but that is very far from the truth. Sometimes when doing business managers get comfortable with their business partners, and do not take the time and effort to look at what the competition has to offer. Not taking the time to look at the competition could mean a few things, one that the manager is very loyal to their business partner, which sometimes happens in character base trust, or the manager is just to lazy to do the leg work to find the best prices for his company. Not allowing competitors to compete takes away from a business ability to maximize profit, it allows one business to set prices and not meet different competitive demands. Another mistake company’s make is having someone from outside a department make decisions that someone from that particular department should be making. Most of the time the outside individual does not have adequate experience and training to make the best decision in the interest of the company.

The Pacific Healthcare Company encountered some major problems be...

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