Case Study of Waste Water Treatment Plants Essays

Case Study of Waste Water Treatment Plants Essays

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Waste water treatment plants are essential to communities of all sizes and must work efficiently. Waste water treatment plant primary priority and responsibility is the treatment of incoming sewage water by the removal of biological and chemical wastes so it can be treated and recycled for future use. There are many government agencies and standards set forth to govern and observe the successful treatment of sewage such as: the Department of Environmental Quality, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and the Clean Water Act of 1972. Compliance and constant monitoring of the treatment plant’s operations are important; as they protect the surrounding community. A spill or backflow of sewage due to a complete system malfunction could potentially be detrimental to the environment and local community. A precise system, of which must be compliant according to government standards, is critical to maintain low levels of wastes that are returned to neighboring water systems after treatment.
Phase one in process of waste water treatment begins in the home, local businesses and community. Waste water from these buildings and surrounding areas travel through a pipe, or sewer which is sloped downward, and with the assistance of gravity, travels toward the waste water treatment plant. However, in larger communities or communities with unevenly leveled terrain, waste water cannot keep getting deeper to rely on gravity to transport the waste water and must pumped up by the assistance of a lift station so it may continue to travel to the water treatment plant. Once the waste water arrives at the waste water treatment plant, the first step is the removal of large debris such as diapers, underwear or other non-biological...

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...l forms of life, and the continued observance and regulation of water treatment by the government and independent companies to help create safer techniques for waste water treatment.

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