Essay on Case Study Of Toyota 's Total Quality Management

Essay on Case Study Of Toyota 's Total Quality Management

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Employees are the most vital resources of a business, when issues arise that delay productivity executives must make plans and find ways to alleviate them. As an executive, my plan would be to create a cultured atmosphere such as Google has created, where employees can delight in waking up every morning to come to work and delivering productivity. Output can be accomplished by numerous methods; these include the employee satisfaction, rewards, and promotional opportunities. “Job satisfaction is an aspect of work that depends on the individual person who can cultivate either positive or negative emotions towards his or her work” (Mujkic, 2014). Toyota’s mission is to insure safe and reliably vehicles are being manufactured; this is guaranteed by quality control.
Quality refers to the ability to create products or render services that are useful to the consumer. This is imperative because there are many influences in the decision making process for customers and the quality of the good or service is the most vital, in addition to the price. Total quality management (TQM) is the focus on quality not quantity. Toyota is known as a TQM company, satisfying our customers and striving to be the greatest in the automotive industry through customer service, effective communication, teamwork, and continuous business improvements are our primary goals. The needs and wants of the buyers are our number one priority.
The short-term goal I hope to achieve is the increase in morale in the departments I oversee. There is no other way o achieve this goal than to increase the confidence of my team. To do so I will drive positivity, and construct employee activities that reassure comradery, such as team building outings or luncheons. “The definitio...

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...nd uphold the following qualities: accountability, integrity, wisdom, common sense, fairness, and respect. Managers must be accountable for themselves and their employees. They must have integrity to do right and not encourage wrong. Wisdom to apply common sense and fairness to all who work with them and most of all have respect for themselves and others. Each person who is promoted or already a manager will be directed to attend manager trainings given by my staff and if available in business funds to attend a managerial class online at a reputable university.
In conclusion, I am grateful to have been considered for this position. My proposal is to continually bring success and safe vehicle to our consumers through active quality control. As previously mentioned, having a team who enjoys being at work every day and achieves gratification for what they do is my goal.

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