Case Study : Marina Police Units Essay

Case Study : Marina Police Units Essay

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Marina Police units were dispatched to 304 Carmel Ave #3 on a report of a male breaking into a house and fighting with family members. The suspect, Oscar Ledesma was taken into custody and transported to county jail.
This report shall document my involvement in this case.

On 8/29/2016 at about, 0104 hours, Marina units were dispatched to 304 Carmel Avenue #3 on a report of a male subject (Oscar Ledezma-Juarez) breaking into a house with hammer and fighting with family members. I responded Code 3 from MBEST and Reservation Road and arrived on scene. Upon arrival I could hear yelling and screaming coming from inside the house.
I activated my L3 body worn camera. I later up loaded the L3 video footage to the server at the Marina Police Department.
Inside the residence were Sgt. Whittaker and Officer Solis who were giving the subjects on the kitchen floor of commands to stop fighting. I saw that there were two subjects on top of another male trying to prevent him from getting up. There was a lot of blood on the ground and on the subjects. The subject who was on the ground bleeding from the head was identified as Oscar Ledezma-Juarez (suspect). The subject who was holding Oscar was his son, David Ledesma (8/22/1999). I saw David had blood on the right side of his chest and his right arm.
Officer Morten and I were able to get Ledezma-Juarez away from David and we placed him into handcuffs while we conducted the investigation. I looked at Ledezma-Juarez’s head and saw there was a lot of blood coming dripping out from the top. Using my department issued digital camera, I took several photos of Ledezma-Juarez’s injuries.

I spoke to David Ledesma and he told me the following:

The interview was captured on my L3 body worn camera. T...

... middle of paper ...

... large toe hurt. I asked Oscar if he could move his toe and he said it was painful. I took a picture of Oscar’s foot and the area he said it hurt. I later uploaded the picture into the case file at the station.
I asked Oscar and his mother where was the hammer that Ledezma-Juarez had in his hands when he came inside their residence. Oscar’s mother brought me the hammer and placed it on the kitchen table. I took a picture of the hammer with my digital camera. I did notice that on the shaft of the hammer was a small red stain.
I took photos of the crime scene to include the front door and the shattered window, the blood on the floor and the kitchen area. I was told that a green box was used against Ledezma-Juarez but she doesn’t know who threw it at him. I took a picture of the green box. I did notice there was a small amount of blood on the top corner of the box.

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