The Case During Colonial America Essay

The Case During Colonial America Essay

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Tragedy binds us together and suffering makes us want to protect each other. I believe this was also the case during colonial America where people of the same stature had to stand together against slave owners. I think this became one of the foundation of Black communities.
Prior to cultural, racial, and religious justification, slaves and slave owners could either be White or Black in colonial America. In the beginning, most of them were indentured slaves, that after working for a specified length of time, were promised freedom, corn, clothes, and such (Aptheker, p.2). Therefore, a few years of loyalty sacrificed assuring freedom didn’t pose much problem in addition to the fact that they, even the Black slaves had certain rights including filing lawsuits and appearing in judicial hearings as witness (Billings, p.162-163). Due to the fact that colour wasn’t a determining factor on how one was treated, interracial marriage amongst indentured servants and slaves wasn’t a rare occurrence (Harris, p. 16). Plans to ran away were occasionally executed too, according to the documented case of Capt. William Pierce and his 6 servants and 1 negro (Billings, p.159). The point here is that, amicable relations between Whites and Blacks had happened before religious and racial justification of slavery was established. However, when human greed and jealousy, two of the six deadly sins came into play, such relations were simply forgotten, like it didn’t even happen. It all began in 1640 when Negros were prohibited of carrying weapons (Billings, p.172) and from there the domino took effect until Whites shouldn’t be enslaved, to Native Americans being excluded and finally, proclaiming only Negros ought to be enslaved in 1706 (Harris, p.28). While ...

... middle of paper ... a significant moment in their community wherein Black people supported and safeguarded each other due to similarity in skin colour akin to how the Europeans only wanted to enslave Blacks.
The idea of confinement, dominance, and resistance are the prevalent feelings I could find from this paper. How a group is asserting dominance over the other as can be seen from the master-servant/ slave relations and giving freedom to parents but not to the children which indirectly led to control of Black parents, preventing them from leaving the colony. This clearly suggested confinement. In addition to how the Dutch placed the African Creoles in one specific location (Fresh Water Pond) to contain and oversee them (Harris, p.24). Finally, even with such restrictions, the Blacks persevered and successfully established their own community stamping their greatness in history.

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