Caring for Children

Caring for Children

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“No cost nor labour did I spare” is a phrase every mother lives by. It shows that a mother loves her children so much that she will give anything up just so her children can reach success in life. The way this is written suggests that there was no thought involved in making this decision, the mother did not even think about it for a second, she knew immediately that she would not spare any cost or labor for her child. Anne Bradstreet is the author who wrote this, suggesting that the most important thing in her entire life is her kid’s success in life. In the poem “In Reference to Her Children,” author Anne Bradstreet demonstrates her love for her children by raising her children with pain and care, watching concernedly her children grow up, and wanting to be with them in the afterlife.
Anne Bradstreet loves her children so much because she raised them all with pain and care. Bradstreet often talks about her children loving people, and people loving them, “And with her mate flew out of sight” (14) and out of her reach so she can not watch over them. Bradstreet’s strong Puritan heritage gives her unquestionable belief that God is watching over her children for her, and her children are watching for God. With this relationship between her and God, Anne Bradstreet accepts the departure of her children. In this poem Anne Bradstreet talks about success, “Coupled with mate loving and true” (23) this is Bradstreet’s idea of success for her children in this poem. Anne Bradstreet’s idea of success is so much more than just this line, in the fact that she wants her children to be educated, and live good productive Christian lives. All of these things are implied in the poem as simple as finding a mate and “flying” off.
A devoted mother, Anne Bradstreet is concerned with her children as she watches them grow up. “Or lest by Lime-twigs they be foil'd, or by some greedy hawks be spoil'd” Anne Bradstreet uses to describe her fear for her children. Not wanting to see her children suffer, Anne Bradstreet turns to God to help her children. Bradstreet imagines her bird’s being stuck on a branch and a hawk eating them, a grim image of all of her sacrifice being lost in a single moment. “No cost nor labour did I spare” describes how much Anne loves her children.

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She does not want her countless years of hard work and labor to go to waste if one of her children is tricked into death itself. This quote can also describe how much Bradstreet does not want her children to be tricked by raising them with all of her heart and soul. “Nurst them up with pain and care” describes all of the sacrifices that Anne Bradstreet has made for her children. Like most mothers, Bradstreet painfully raised her children which is and unplayable debt she has evoked upon her children. A way her children could pay back most of this debt is to put all of their heart and soul into raising their own children. Mothers give up a portion of their lives to raise their children and all they ask for in return, is for their children to do the same.
Like many Puritans, Anne Bradstreet hopes that she will see her children in the afterlife. Bradstreet often talks about death because of her Puritan heritage, “So happy may you live and die/ till my weak lays with me shall end” (66, 68). Anne Bradstreet hopes to feel what the afterlife is like. Bradstreet does not want to end her life on Earth so she can just go to the afterlife, but she wants to make the most out of ‘both’ lives. Bradstreet’s view on the afterlife is spent in heaven instead of on Earth, “into a country beyond sight/ but spring last to eternity” (76, 80). Describing heaven as out of sight, one might conclude that Bradstreet’s view of heaven is so much better than Earth that Earth can not even see a mere glimpse of heaven. Bradstreet describes it as what ever you want heaven to be by saying “spring last to eternity.” Anne Bradstreet believes that her family will join her when they reach the afterlife “I happy am, if well with you/ and dead yet speak and counsil give” (92, 94). Anne Bradstreet also talks about being able to communicate with Earth. When her family makes it to the afterlife they will all be happier together. Being able to give advice from heaven, Anne Bradstreet is able to guide her family in the right direction. This, in conclusion, shows that death is natural and is not really all that bad.
In the poem “In Reference to her Children” author Anne Bradstreet shows her compassion for all of her children by raising her children with her whole heart, soul, and mind, watching her children fly off with the soul mates, and hoping her whole family will one day be together in the afterlife. Raising your children is the most important thing a mother could do. It affects how your kids think, feel, react to other human being, but most importantly how they raise their own kids! Your kids bring your family name on and how they act is how your family is perceived in the public eye. So if you raise your kids with all of your heart, soul, and mind they will do the same and your family will all ways be happy.
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