Essay about Career Research : Being A Basketball

Essay about Career Research : Being A Basketball

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Career Research Paper
Being a Basketball Coach.The reason why i am studying this career is because i want to know what it is like to be a High School, or a College Coach, and a National League Associations (NBA) and just to see how it is to be a coach . My history of this career is that i have been to so many job shadows that are coaches and some coaches are nice too there players and some are very mean. There are a lot of basketball coaches out there and the employment of this job is to make sure your other coaches stay on track with the players to because some of the basketball players just want to go out and party after a game which that is not good for your body to have alcohol or anything else in your body. You can find these jobs everywhere like all over the world because every state has 2 or 3 basketball coaches per team and that would be a lot of coaching going on during basketball season. The general duties of this job is to make your team have a championship practice everyday when they step on the court you will know if they have a good practice or not. The special duties of being a coach is have lunch every time before a game or even have team bonding before the game but before the game you need to tell them that there will be no horse playing or goofing off or you will lose every game during that season that is why you need to get your head on right before the game. Coaches often work in the evenings and at weekends, especially during competitions. If you are coaching at a high level, you would usually work long hours. There are lots of opportunities for coaches to work part-time. You could work in a variety of places, including schools, health centres, private health clubs and sports clubs. Basketball season is not a...

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...lay better with each other. It is not just a one man team or you will lose every game of the season. Some hazards of coaching is that if you best player gets hurt then you have to trust somebody else to have the ball in their hands. There are a lot of chances in this field because if you have a winning season and have a good run in the tournament you will get paid a lot more money. Yes it would require training because you can’t just walk in there like you 're the best coach in there. Yes it would require duties because you have to be a teacher to not just a basketball coach well that is in high school anyway. Yes there is need for continuing this position because you do not want to lose your job. It would really hard to find a new job. I would like to be in this career because i just love basketball and it would be fun to coach kids and watch them play basketball.

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