The Career Of Mechanical Engineering Essay

The Career Of Mechanical Engineering Essay

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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is seen as a broad level of engineering. There are several different ideas that could be addressed in this profession. For example, mechanical engineers have many responsibilities, some of which include developing processes and products, and testing designs. Engineering is its own branch of science and technology that concerns the designing, building, and usage of engines, machines, and other structures. Mechanical engineering focuses more on the machines. Due to the fact that many companies and people require mechanical systems in some way, there are numerous opportunities in this profession. When researching the career of mechanical engineering it is important to address the history, skills and education, and positive and negative aspects of the profession.
Knowing the history of mechanical engineering will help give someone a better understanding of how the career works and why it is needed. Mechanical engineering is a necessary factor throughout all of history. It is how the world of technology advances. Mechanical engineering can be traced back all the way to 300 BC. However, the biggest growth in mechanical engineering happened during the 17th-18th century. In 200-300 BC, mechanical engineering could have been started by Archimedes and the Heron of Alexandria. Archimedes discovered what is now known as “Archimedes’ Principle,” which is a law of physics used with liquid and fluid mechanics. Using these principles, Heron of Alexandria was able to create the first steam engine. Although this was the first steam engine created, it was not necessarily used for anything specific. That didn’t come until the 17th century, when attempts were made to use steam powered engines for practic...

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...job outlook is low, there are many aspects of mechanical engineering. Depending on a person’s personal preference, the work environment and pay could be considered cons. There are people who for some reason just don’t think that $80,000 per year is enough money. Perhaps some people don’t want this to be their full time job and just like it as a hobby. In that case, it wouldn’t be a career.
Mechanical Engineering is a necessary part of life and needed for the advancement of technology. If there were no mechanical engineers in life, how would we have anything that we do today? Cars wouldn’t exist, we probably wouldn’t have wheels. Somebody has to be there to move technology forward and create new things. There are many fields of engineering that someone can be a part of. Mechanical engineering is very broad, because there is so much one can do in just this part of it.

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