Essay about Care Access Affordable Care Coverage

Essay about Care Access Affordable Care Coverage

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It was estimated that among the remaining population who were uninsured, 40% were made of low-income working family and most of them being uninsured for a long period. As of 2012, is was found that 47.3 million people had no insurance coverage and most of them were under age 65(Tolbert & Dorn, 2014; Obamacare Fact, 2015). In the essence of expanding insurance coverage, the ACA have provided states with an optional coverage program, the BHP program, in order to reduce the insurance cost especially for low-income consumers in the objective of making health access more affordable for this population who seem to be vulnerable. Personally, this issue of lack of coverage and increased rate of uninsured individuals and low-income family could be resolved by promulgating a BHP program in as many states as possible in order to serve a larger population. Making care access affordable will resolve this issue by improving access and coverage; it was shown that many Americans were still lacking insurance coverage, especially for chronic care. Studies have also demonstrated that uninsured individuals are less likely to seek medical care than those who are insured; they are less likely to have another source of care beside the emergency room and may pay more for medical bills if able to do so, delay or receive less preventive care (Jonas et al., 2015; Obamacare Facts, 2015). Moreover, due to the increased mortality rate related to lack of insurance, making care affordable for this population will greatly reduce the mortality rate associated to poor access to care. Being able to access care will give uninsured individual the opportunity to learn about healthy behaviors that could aid in preventing diseases and other health issues that may...

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... only a small group of sick individuals over a larger heathier group (Health Policy Brief, 2012). Evidently, State may be at risk of additional expenditures in case the amount of tax credits and cost sharing is insufficient to maintain the program, and this is due to the fact that “the amount of credits and subsidies are pegged to the level of premiums in the exchange, and states with low exchange premiums may find it harder to make a Basic Health Program financially viable” (Hwang et al., 2012, p.6). Addressing these risks will aid in awakening the state in embracing different approaches to minimize and manage different potential risks inherent in the BHP in order to meet consumers’ needs and motivate them to retain their enrollment. However, despite the financial risks associated with the implementation of BHP, its benefits outweigh its risks and disadvantages.

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