Capital Punishment : The Country 's Highest Criminal Justice System Essay

Capital Punishment : The Country 's Highest Criminal Justice System Essay

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Capital punishment has been the country 's highest criminal justice system for executions that are mostly from hanging and lethal injections; not only they die from death, but there are thousands of witnesses for them to watch in public. The occurrence of death penalties happen very often around the United States. Due to state death penalty laws half the states legalize capital punishment throughout the map; regardless, that about 80 percent of the state makes up the majority of legalizing death penalties. Meanwhile, 20 percent is the other half that has not allow the death sentence. Last but not at least, 2 percent of the state that allows it are Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, but they are under the governor’s moratorium (Garland). People suggest that the death penalty is an easy way out then to be sentenced to prison for a lifetime, but at the same time it’s bias against who is getting executed. They think execution are the only way to determine if death penalties are necessary, but the fact is victim’s family are heartbroken to the idea of punishing death unto someone that can be considered innocent until proven guilty. Death penalty should be of a debate rather than the judge using the gavel to decide if placing death on someone knowing they have a husband, wife, kids, and family to care for.
Death penalty is a prohibition that should be abolished centuries ago; breaking the rights as a person and placing a death sentence is not obligated or mandatory to executing anyone.

Due to the eighth and fourteenth amendment, every citizen has equal rights as any regular person; the rights of life, liberty, or property. The fourteenth amendment describes all person who are born in the United States has the jurisdic...

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...und the globe. States who consider the well being of execution shows that the government are able to get away from taking any given rights and demonstrate how the government is depriving the people from their freedom to live. The criminal justice system purpose is to rehabilitate convicts to live a better life on parole; however, the system unfortunately switch to the racialism, revenge, and the financial cost to executing criminals. Innocent people get caught between the crossfire of being guilty or being innocent for something that they are being accused of. The justice system aims towards the fact that eliminating violence is more significant than trying to understand the people. “ Death penalty does not serve any purpose that cannot be served through the justice system” (Huffington). It should be abolished for the memory of those who passed before the people.

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