The Cancers of the 21st century Essay

The Cancers of the 21st century Essay

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Nothing seems more rewarding than being able to hear that all the hard work paid off. After months or years of fighting an uphill battle with cancer, there is finally a moment of peace when the word "remission" is spoken. Unfortunately, this word does not mean the cancer has been permanently cured, and some people never get to hear that word which is longed for from every cancer patient. In general, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in both children and adults. Unlike many other diseases, cancer is an extremely versatile illness; it can be found in many different forms with an uncountable number of causes. This creates a difficulty in finding a permanent cure. When it comes to the frequency in specific types of cancer, it greatly depends on the age and sex of a person. According to Med Net, while Leukemia is most common in adolescent years, the majority of adult males with cancer suffer from cancer of the prostate gland, and when it comes to women, the most frequent is breast cancer.
Between the ages of one and fourteen, one of the three most common reasons for fatality is cancer (. Though the types of childhood cancers are endless, the most frequent one is leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood cells. This occurs when the number of white blood cells is abnormally high and the number of red blood cells and platelets are abnormally low. In a normal blood sample the red blood cells greatly outnumber the white blood cells, making up about half of blood components in itself. When a patient has leukemia, the white blood cells increase greatly and the red blood cells decrease, causing an inability to transfer the necessary amount of oxygen throughout the body. In youth patients there are two major types of Leukemia; the ...

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... to develop. In adult males the most frequently diagnosed cancer is prostate cancer, which is diagnosed in one out of every seven men. Prostate cancer is a cancer that contains familial tendencies, when past generations of an individual have been diagnosed, the likelihood of inheriting it is greatly increased. Though the most frequent cancer found in adult males, prostate cancer does not cause the most fatalities from cancers in adult males. When treated early and correctly, the cancer is not commonly fatal, and less than 3% of American males with prostate cancer die from the illness itself (Prostate Cancer 5).

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