Cancer Is A Cure For Cancer Essay

Cancer Is A Cure For Cancer Essay

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In life, humankind faces many challenging questions. One of those challenges is cancer. Cancer is a disease humankind has yet to find a cure for. Cancer is a serious disease that can lead to the news that can change someone’s life forever. Unlike many diseases, cancer does not involve one specific location in the human body. Instead, it involves many organs and tissues that can cause over one hundred types of cancer. Cancer is not a new disease affecting our species. The first case of cancer dates back to 3000 BC back when the Egyptians were walking the Earth. Humans did not know where to begin when cancer was first discovered. Early doctors believed cancer was incurable and the unfortunate faced certain death. Researchers have yet to pinpoint the exact causes of cancer. Over the years, scientists have linked certain chromosome defects to specific cancers. Looking back into the theories and treatments used to treat cancer, people were mesmerized by how crazy the doctors were along with their procedures. With limited resources, doctors were trying anything to try to help their patients. Cancer symptoms can be based on the location of the tumor and the size. The sooner the cancer can be discovered the easier it is to cure. There are various types of treatments for all types of cancer. Doctors will recommend the most beneficial treatment to patients based on their type of cancer and the stage of cancer. Genetics is a huge factor when it comes to cancer. Many types of cancer are passed on through genes causing more and more people to end up with cancer. Treatments have changed drastically since the Egyptians discovered cancer. Today, doctors are able to make patients more comfortable and also give them more options for treatment. As h...

... middle of paper ... grown so big it puts pressure in the area making the person uncomfortable. As cancer cells grow it can put pressure on nearby organs, blood vessels and nerves (American Cancer Society, 2014). Sometimes cancer can grow in places that do not show signs right away. This can lead to the cancer grow into a huge mass (American Cancer Society, 2014). Once cancer it reaches the advanced phase, is hard to treat; surgery is almost always the last option in this situation. This can lead to the cancer growing into the advanced stage. This means it is spreading further than the place it started (American Cancer Society, 2014). Doctors can catch a lot of things by taking a patient’s blood but cancer is not one of them. “Sometimes, cancer cells release substances into the bloodstream that cause symptoms that are not usually linked to cancer (American Cancer Society, 2014, p. 2).

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