`` Canarsie : The Jews And Italians Of Brooklyn Against Fascism Essay

`` Canarsie : The Jews And Italians Of Brooklyn Against Fascism Essay

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Equivocally, pride is neither a “good” nor a “bad” feeling; it is simply neutral and it definitely depends on how one expresses one’s pride and the outcomes of the expression. Pride definitely makes up to how people perceive their own self-worth and build up their self-right of what should be theirs based on their accomplishments and similar customs and beliefs. Unification of the Italian and Jewish residents only made their pride to be immense. The Jewish and the Italian residents represent Canarsie to their fullest extent in the 1920s-1960s. According to the book, Canarsie: The Jews and Italians of Brooklyn against Liberalism by Johnathan Rieder, it details that “Canarsie is a house proud neighborhood of about 70,000 people, mainly middle-income Jews and Italians” (Rieder 1). Rieder details that the neighborhood is filled with the abundance of prideful Italian and Jewish immigrants. The 70,000 residents in Canarsie equally raised their voices of self-entitlement and self-pride as a group.
Rieder explains even more on how the residents see themselves in the neighborhood. He explains “The residents see themselves as the plain, doughty backbone of America- cabbies and teachers, merchants and craftsmen, salesmen and police- who stoically bear their burdens raise their families, and serve the country” (Rieder 1). These residents felt an obligation to show off their hubris because they are prosperous and they are unified in the community. In addition, their endurance of working hard without complaining or showing their tiring emotions made them have dignity within themselves.

It is certain that too much of pride or hubris stirs up tension around to other groups. An immense feeling of hubris only resonate violent and verbal pas...

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...t from the newcomers engulfed the lands of Canarsie. It’s very interesting that groups of people can relate to similar entities and desires yet they clash with conflict. To think into this spectrum, the old residents of Italian and Jewish backgrounds flourished their cultures and attributions to maintain the image of a hardworking and prideful community. Once the newcomers stepped foot into the promised lands of Canarsie, their population and pride only grew more and withhold a strong fort for themselves when they were suppressed. This polarizing relationship between preservation and change went to play by how Canarsie was fifty years ago and how Canarsie is now. The wise man Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr once said “the more things change, the more they remain the same”. This proverb relates to Canarsie as it will forever live by the name as the reoccurring backwater.

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