Canadians and Their Food Choices Essay example

Canadians and Their Food Choices Essay example

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Locally grown food is important for many reasons. It’s much healthier; it doesn’t have such a negative impact on the environment, not to mention it helps create a community when you buy locally. When you produce and buy locally grown food it strengthens the local economy, which leads to more success as a community. When a community is successful it leads to a stronger, closer-knit group, and that will lead to success in all types of forms. The majority of the food I ate in a week was from Canada, saying a lot about my habits and me. From my diet I have concluded that Canadians are local consumers more then they are global consumers. I find that most individual’s diets change as summer rolls around, not to mention heritage has a big impact on some individual’s diets and others not so much.

Approximately 90 percent of my food I ate in a week was produced in Canada, this is important for many reasons. My food being produced in Canada tells a lot about me as a consumer. It generally describes my lifestyle, not to mention it can probably tell you about my health choices as an individual. My diet consisting of 90 percent Canadian made food shows that I tend to eat more processed goods and not as much fruit and vegetables. My environment is affecting my eating choices; at the same time my eating choices affect the environment. This is important because my food mostly being produced in Canada means I am supporting the factories, and contributing to the pollution and environmental damage that’s being done, but at the same time I am helping Canada by not having such a big ecological foot print. If I were eating food from half way across the world aspects like how it got here would be considered. That would lead to the food potentially ...

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...e food. There is much less risk health and safety wise. Yes there are downfalls to eating local food but the positives over ride them. Locally grown food boosts the economy, not to mention brings everybody closer together, creating a stronger closer-knit community. Food is something everybody will always need, it will always bring people together, so it’s important that its healthy and safe, like locally grown food.

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