Canadian Prairie Skit Essay

Canadian Prairie Skit Essay

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Maria: The term Prairie refers to a large open area of grassland. Genuine prairies are usually found in the southern part of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Abby: It may also refer to farmlands located in the same two provinces including Manitoba.

Provinces / Territories
Abby: The major cities Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon are mostly in the prairie eco zones.
Maria: As of 2011 the population of Edmonton is 1,159,869; Calgary with 1,214,839; Winnipeg with 730,018; Regina with 210,556 and Saskatoon with 260,600 in the Canadian prairies.
Abby: Prairie landforms are usually described as flat rolling plains. But they usually consist of Hummocky moraines and prairie potholes.

Hummocky Moraines: are rolling surfaces with the height up until 100 meters which includes steep slopes.
Prairie Potholes: are mostly located in the United States but never the less part of the prairie eco zone

Maria: Glaciation assisted in forming the shape of the prairies. Glaciation is the formation or the movement of glaciers. The glaciers helped flattened the land.
Abby: The prairie landform consists of many layers of sedimentary rocks. Also the rivers the major rivers that flow in the Prairie are originated in the Rocky Mountains.
Maria: Prairies experience bearable summers and tolerant winters. Climate in the east and west of this eco zone usually don’t have that much rainfall and or it tends to decrease.
Abby: While climates are moist near the mountains and in the north. Usually, the driest is in the central prairies. Strong winds blow across the plains during both summer and winter because of the flat rolling surfaces.
Maria: Precipitation is limited and it can reach from 250m...

... middle of paper ...

...uch as Prairie fires moving as fast as 600 ft. peer minute and burn as hot as 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
Abby: Prairies are one of the most developed ecosystems in Canada.
Maria: In Manitoba, there is a town named Gladstone that goes by the nickname Happy Rock because of its huge, monumental rock with a happy face on it.
Abby: There are actually venomous snakes in the Canadian Prairies known as Prairies rattlesnakes.
Maria: Lastly, in certain places during the year, you can witness the Northern Lights from the prairies.


Maria: Today, this eco zone is home to a huge number of threatened and endangered wildlife and the ecosystems are one of the most endangered natural habitats in this country.
Abby: To conclude, the Prairies is a very essential part of Canada’s economy and agriculture. In fact, agriculture is the major asset of this eco zone.

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