Connecticut Surface And Landscape Analysis

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615 words

CT Surface and landscape

There are many process that made Connecticut’s surface and landscape get its shape. The Plate tectonics, the glaciers, and weathering and erosion are the main causes to the change to connecticut.
Plate tectonics have affected the surface and landscape in Connecticut. The Appalachian mountains is an example of how the landscape changed. The tectonics plates had moved together creating convergent boundaries. So this means that the plates collided and this is the mountains are formed. The Connecticut river valley also has changed the landscape and surface in Connecticut. This is because the valley made a big U in the land. The valley was formed when the tectonic plates moved apart. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the plate tectonics, glaciers, weathering and erosion are the main causes to the change to connecticut.
  • Describes how the wisconsin glacier made the connecticut river, long island sound, jobs pond, and hammonasset state park.
  • Explains that the appalachian mountains were getting weathered eroded and smaller due to rain, ice, wind, and hail.
  • Explains the three main reasons that made the surface and landscape change in connecticut: the movement of the tectonic plates, the wisconsin glacier, and weathering and erosion.

The Wisconsin glacier made the Connecticut River, Long Island Sound, Jobs Pond, and Hammonasset State Park. Jobs Pond was formed by a piece of the Wisconsin Glacier that fell of and created a kettle hole, which then melted and created a pond which filled with rain water. Long Island Sound was formed by a glacier. The glacier reached long island and the glacier could not move any farther. So this would mean that Long Island Sound the glacier could not move any farther so Long Island Sound was a terminal moraine. A terminal moraine mean that this was as far as the glacier could move. Then when the glacier was melting in Long island Sound the water levels got high and then the water went over the dam blocking the Atlantic ocean from Long Island Sound but then this two bodies of water mix creating an estuary. So the glacier made Long Island sound mix with Atlantic Ocean. The Connecticut River was formed by a glacier that covered the entire state of Connecticut. Some of the glacier melted and the water formed The Hitchcock Lake. The lake then pushed through the dam and went into the CT River Valley which formed the Connecticut River. Hammonasset State Park was formed when a mile and a half of ice from the Wisconsin Glacier covered the beach. When the ice reached the water the glacier melted leaving rocks on the shore which is called plucking. These rocks that were left came from different

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