Canadian Cannabis : Marijuana As An Irritant / Problem? Canada Us Relations

Canadian Cannabis : Marijuana As An Irritant / Problem? Canada Us Relations

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People often associate Mexico and Southeast Asia with the main source of drugs because a significant number of drug activities in these two regions are often globally reported on televisions. Nevertheless, Canada also has a problem of drugs, especially regarding the issue of marijuana. In the journal article “Canadian Cannabis: Marijuana as an Irritant/Problem in Canada-US Relations”, Paul Gecelovsky claims that Canada-US relations may be strained because a large amount of marijuana has been illegally exported to America continuously, and American wonder that Canadian policy base on marijuana problem is too light. By reflecting the marijuana issue on the relationship between Canada and the United States, the author presents a strong and reliable argument by appealing to logos through using statistical evidence, appealing to ethos through citing scholarly articles, and using the claims of cause and effect.
First of all, by appealing to logos, Gecelovsky supports his major claim by providing statistical evidence. It is a significant way to effectively use appropriate statistics and research because they are able to make the information more believable and objective. Gecelovsky reveals that British Columbia is the primary source of the marijuana industry to its market in America. For example, according to CCJS (2004), there are 79 per 100000 people participate in the farming of marijuana in British Columbia (p.208). Hence, the total monetary value is extremely high. Statistics shows that the annual value is $6 million Canadian dollars, and it worths 5% of provincial GDP in British Columbia (Mulgrew 2006, p.208). Also, the exports of marijuana crops to America in BC is fairly large, owning to the fact that more than 90% of marijuan...

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...e and effect methods to strength the pattern of development.
To sum up, Gecelovsky successfully strength his major claim by appealing to logos and ethos, and using cause and effect methods. From my perspective, I think that Gevelovsky did an excellent job on his article to persuade the drawbacks of Canadian policy on drugs because he uses effective rhetorical strategies to enhance his main argument. Although Gecelovsky did not list statistics of the marijuana in America, and the policies that the government of the United States used to solve this problem, he also clearly state the lack of control of the Canadian legislation on the marijuana problem. Also, it is important to limit marijuana smuggling because it is a potential threaten to citizens. Thus, the rhetorical analysis is crucial to indicating and sufficiently analyzing the author’s main claims and argument.

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