The Canada 's Drug Problem

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Bruce K. Alexander’s essay “reframing Canada’s drug problem is about how the focus needs to be shifting from intervention to prevention Alexander explains that in Canada there has been three major waves of drug intervention, the ‘“harm reduction’ techniques” (225) being the most resent consisted of: clean injectable heroin, clean needles, methadone, and housing. Although, each of the methods are devoted and knowledgeable they have done little to decreased the deaths or supress the unhappiness. While clean heroin did work well few addicts quit using and many found the conditions of reserving the drugs to be repulsive. Yet another method is legalization which is nothing new and will do little to help. The reason with the old ways do not work, Alexander say, is because “self-destructive drug users are responding in a tragic, but understandable way” (226). It is not their drug- problem that caused the dislocation, but the dislocation that cause the drug problem. He uses the term dislocation to describe the lack of integration with “family, community, society and spiritual values” (226). Alexander goes on to explain that history proves that inability to achieve health opportunities can take on the form of violence, and damaging drug use. Therefore, the “drug problem” (226) is not the problem. The problem is more the “pattern of response to prolong dislocation” (226). Alexander supports this by explaining the reason for the dislocation as being globalized by a society that is market driven which can only be established by the displacement of tradition, economy, and relationships. This has been seen in history before in England during the 19TH century, when “a brutal, export-oriented manufacturing system” was accompanied by work... ... middle of paper ... ...nments, corporations and public institutions for the common good. [Which]… required a broadly framed policy” (229). Another thing causing distrust and separation, is when the RCMP asks neighbours to share information. One example of where resources could be relocated from, consider when low flying “helicopter and fixed wing aircrafts” (229). are combing the country side looking for out door growing operations, which frequently only have a few plants. But are unable to “find the money to investigate petty crime” (229). While on the other hand the government can not find money for schools and hospitals which is causing dislocation of children and medical patients to travel outside of their communities away from there friends and families. This money would be better spent on stopping the dislocation; of children, the sick, and vulnerable, preventing future drug use.

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