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What is culture? According to Kottak cultures are traditions and customs, transmitted through learning, that form and guide the beliefs and behavior of the people exposed to them. With this definition given when it comes to campus culture I feel that an anthropologist would define it as the way we interact with other people through the environment that we share. When it comes down to campus culture it has to do with the way we interact, behave and follow certain things that are brought forth through the culture of the campus. There are many students on campus that hang around each other and you might start to notice a similarity on the way they act and interact with each other. Because they are around the same kind of environment all the time, they start to become part of that and start doing a lot of the same things that they are surrounded by.
For this paper my main focus will be on the way that campus culture affects the way that students interact with each other and how some students tend to “click” to their own certain group of people. The reason for choosing this topic is because when I am on campus and I look around me I tend to notice the same groups of people with each other all the time. It seems like people like to be surrounded by the same kind of people from their same kind of environment. What this means is that there are people who are quiet who would prefer to be around people who are also quite and not as talkative. Then there are some who like to be around people that they known since high school so basically they like to be around people they’ve known from a very long time ago because they are used to those people. There are many other reasons as to why someone would choose a certain group to be in because th...

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...till doesn’t change the culture of the way students interact with each other. In high school you can find most of the time people who hang around the same people and it’s the same in college most people tend to stay around the people that they’ve known the longest as I mentioned before. Most people think that when students leave and go to college they will forget about their friends and not think about them anymore, but I feel that because of culture there are going to be those students that have their friends go to the same college as them.
In all culture is a major factor in the way we interact, share beliefs and act around each other. No matter what culture is always around us and we are surrounded by it all the time. There are times where you can say a certain thing is not because of culture but in reality most things that surrounds us is because of culture.

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