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Business Information And The Company Essay

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MTC is a small family owned business with only a handful of employees. However, it has a high inventory turnover and over 1.5 million dollars in monthly sales with customers around the world. The CEO of the company is a brilliant business man with over fifteen years of experience in the IT Hardware exchange market. MTC seems to be a stable business financially, even though, they have some issues with their human resources. The company experienced trade secrets theft from a former employee who opened a competition business while working at MTC. After this management has been very careful about business information and the company require to employees to sign a confidentially agreement in order to stay. Although, the employees agreed with that they have been feeling a profound trust issue from management. This has brought the impression to MTC’s employees that managers have a lack of appreciation and a deep individualism behavior. At the same time, these circumstances appear to be the result of employee’s low satisfaction; which apparently it is generating inventory damages, duplicate shipments, employees’ absences, and unfulfilled goals.
A good organizational culture is what helps to managers and employees to work together to accomplish the company’s objectives and to create a strong competitive advantage. The company culture is the “share set of beliefs, expectations, values, and norms that influence how members of an organization relate to one another and cooperate to achieve the organization’s goals” (Jones & George, 2016, p. 300). MTC goals are very clear about growth, expectations, and customer service. However, creating a company culture is not only established goals, rules, and regulations for employees. It is to find mean...

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...e ten companies with the most fantastic cultures in the country. They have a team dedicated to improve culture and bring together the community at work. The company sends employees to sporadic group lunches, have special events on big holydays, and they make sure the workers work together to keep their break rooms clean and well provided (Patel, 2015).
In a survey conducted by International Association of Businesses Communicators for over hundred professionals in communication in large and small businesses in different industries the results exposed engagement as number one challenge “the need of engage today’s workforce escalates as 2014 first priority for companies” (Spondike, 2013). Dale Carnegie reported that businesses lose nearly eleven billion dollars every year due to company’s turnover and 71% of the workers are not totally engage at work (Sareen, 2015) .

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