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The Bus Incident Essay

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Chapter Eight
The Bus Incident.

Hazy, lazy, summer days and the nights that followed. Shape my destiny. As a child it was playing swing ball in the garden, washing up bottle, water fights and barbecues and as an adult, cold beer, sunbathing and more barbecues. Yes, my friends it’s a British stable to eat burnt meat outside while, watching your own skin sizzle. I was sitting on the bus last week with sweat beads, forming on my forehead. The heated glare shined through the window and made me squint. I was badly in need of an eye patch. This won’t come as a surprise to my regular readers (all nine of you, password protected) but I’m not a fan of public transport. I’m not sure how long it’s been since you were sitting on a bus but it’s a kin to playing with a over sized ball of wool, in a lion’s den. People step on the ramp and stare at you and those that are already seated, don’t know where to look. Lots of glaring at the floor or out of the window and nervously checking your phone for the sixteenth time. Yep, the wheels on the paranoia bus go ‘round and ‘round. Some people think that the front of the bus is the new back. Hmm, personally I think the back of the bus will always be where the self confessed, cool people choose to sit. Nobody can see what you’re doing at the back. Nobody can see you. Not unless the bus is packed like strawberry jam and then, somebody might be sitting directly across from you. And that’s when the fidgeting really starts. I don’t like bus politics and usually I make the decision to play piggy in the middle. Music can be heard blaring out of nearby earphones and sunglasses shade the eyes. Society is trying to hide, out in the open from each other. We’re all so institutionalized t...

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...freaked out and argh! I was nowhere near where I wanted to be. Lacy was gonna be pissed! It was almost dinner time and there was no way I was gonna make it on time. Thankfully I arrived fifteen minutes before her shift was due to start again. So, at least we got to sit down and talk for a while. I didn’t mention the girl on the bus so in compassion to hers, my day came across as rather dull. And she was working! Lacy unconsciously told me something which made me realise, that there’s so much that I still don’t know about her. She never actually said anything but I could just tell. Body language expert. Laughs, I’ll explain what I mean later. Recently, I’ve gone from having no female company in my life (except for my mother) to two females. Lucy and Lacy. My God, it sounds like a bad sitcom title. Anybody want to commission that? Call me.
I’m available.

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