The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal, by Jonathan Mooney

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“The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal” by Jonathan Mooney is the story of his journey around the U.S. in short bus nonetheless to meet with different children and their families who have faced challenges in school due to ADD, ADHD, Autism, and other learning disabilities. Jonathan Mooney himself faced the disability of Dyslexia and often had to deal with many challenges in school himself, but he appears to be one of the more fortunate ones, who was able to grow from his disability and ultimately get a degree in English. Needless to say, his book and journey lead the reader to question what really is “normal”, and how the views of this have caused the odds to be stacked against those who don’t fit the mold. Throughout, this story, for me personally however, this story gave several events that I found moving, and had the potential to influence my further work in education. The question that Jonathan strives to define all throughout the book is this idea of what is “normal”. I think this is a big question in relation to schooling. Some many educators, as well as the system have been convinced that all children should fit this same mold of “normal” and that those who simply don’t, like [person from book], are automatically classified as “learning disabled”, and are either unknowingly discriminated against, or put on a different track from those who do fit into mold. What I got out of this idea, was that nobody is normal and that is especially the case when it comes to learning. Yes, there are children who has issues like ADD, ADHD, and so on, but that doesn’t make them as less capable. Even those who are in the mold of “normal” all learn in different ways, which successfully make the idea of “normal” impossible. In relation to t... ... middle of paper ... ...etter than their own parents? With that being said in my future of teaching if I even come across as student with a learning disability I was always make an effort to talk to the parents and see what they would recommend, before just deciding myself, or leaving to an expert. In the end “The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Norma;”, by Jonathan Mooney was very inspiring, and brought up many different aspects of how the educational system may need to re-examine their approach to those who do suffer from learning disabilities like ADD/ADHD, and Dyslexia. All of which I will take into consideration in my further as a teacher. After all even those who suffer from different learning disabilities, still deserve the best education possible. Works Cited Mooney, Jonathan. The Short Bus : A Journey Beyond Normal. New York Godalming: Henry Holt Melia distributor, 2008. Print.

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  • Describes jonathan mooney's "the short bus: a journey beyond normal" as a story of his journey around the u.s. to meet with children and their families who have faced challenges in school due to add, adhd, autism, and other learning disabilities.
  • Analyzes how jonathan strives to define the idea of what is "normal" throughout the book.
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