Stranger in a Strange Land

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The dark, black sky was covered with a million bright shining stars. The moon shimmered above a small town in the suburbs of London. The gentle wind swept past the bare trees and danced with the leaves below it, creating a colourful array of orange, yellow, red and brown. Across the street, a light was on in a small house where a tall, dark haired woman stood, talking to her two children Nicola and Erin. While she was tucking them in Erin asked, “Mummy, will you tell us a story please?” “I’m sorry but its time to go to sleep now,” she said. “Please mummy,” begged Nicola “Okay but only one story,” she replied “This story is about how I got lost when I was a young girl and how I met an incredible man. It all began when…” “Wake up, wake up!” as the shrill loud shouts echoed through my ears. My eyes, puffy and tired slowly opened, only to reveal a tall and blurry figure standing in front of me. It was the bus driver, telling me it was the last stop. I looked around nervously, no-one was there and everybody had left. I slowly made my way to the front of the bus, staggering across the aisle. As I stepped off, the door creaked then slammed behind me. The engine spluttered and the tyres screeched as the bus made its quick getaway leaving me helpless in the middle of nowhere. The clouds were dull and grey and the light pitter patter of the rain could just be heard above everyone’s voices. My head was still spinning, not knowing wher... ... middle of paper ... ...eeing my family again. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell them all about that man. I only knew him for a couple of minutes yet he was the most incredible man I have ever met in my entire life, she ended. As she tucked her children in they said goodnight to her, she switched off their light and everything went pitch black. She stood outside her children’s door and in line with her vision hung a battered, old guitar. Throughout all these years she had kept it with her, because she knew that never letting go of that guitar meant never letting go of that amazing memory. She just stood there gazing at it, virtually paralyzed, while a single drop of tear, from her brown-chestnut eyes, slowly made its way down her cheek then fell silently on the floor.

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