Bullying Is A Widespread Occurrence Essay

Bullying Is A Widespread Occurrence Essay

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Bullying is a widespread occurrence that is happening in our schools today and over the last decade the schools have been tightening its grip on the bullying that is happening from Kindergarten all the way up to Twelfth grade. My perception on bullying is just like a lot of people in that there is no need for in schools, but the stereotypes that the kids get caught with is that all of the jocks are bullies. Not all jocks are bullies, to use me as an example I hated bullies with a passion and I wanted to bring the fear of God to them when I witness them messing with a girl or boy. I also believe that most bullies are victims themselves at some point in their young lives, most likely in the home. From experience the reason some kids bully on the daily basis is because they believe that the school won’t reprimand them. The way schools back home in Texas are cracking down on Bullying is that they are implemented a two strike policy in which the bully has to screw up and then he is gone for good. I am in love with this direct action, because the schools that I have went to have had horrible problems with bullying and these will hopefully drop the number to zero.
Growing up with a bad case of separation anxiety, you would think that I would be picked on. That wasn’t always the case, most of the incidents happen verbally not ever in the physical realm. The reason why, is that I was always bigger than everyone and I was a huge jock, so they knew I knew that I could throw around my weight. I consistently watched kids getting harassed and beaten to a pulp without any teachers doing anything to the bully. So I made my mind up around the 5th grade to stand up for the victims and whenever someone was getting picked on I told the kid...

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... and the times observing the everyday school life is that as soon as the teacher turns there back stuff happens. This is what I want to stop, I know that I am going to have to turn my back, but the kids will know and learn my policy on bullying and will not do anything.
The ones before me have really made me open my eyes on how cruel kids can be and I have seen stories left and right about kids, just kids killing themselves over some no good rotten kid being mean to them. I just want to influence someone’s life in a way for them to see that someone is on their side and sees what is going on and will stop it. I have lost good friends to suicide and it eats me up every day to know that I could’ve done something to stop it and I just didn’t know. So when I am teacher I will make sure that the kids feel absolutely safe when they walk into Coach Kenyon’s classroom.

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