Essay on Bullying Is A Form Of Direct Bullying

Essay on Bullying Is A Form Of Direct Bullying

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Bullying has been around for a long time, but it has been recognized in the 21st century because of suicidal deaths and an increased amount of people wanting harsher punishments on bullying. Many national surveys show that a large amount of bullying in schools is a form of direct bullying (Garby). Bullying is very harsh and people experience it at least once in their life. Just a little bit of bullying can cause people to commit suicide. There is no doubt that bullying still occurs and changes need to be made, but we need the help of everyone to stop bullying.
The suicidal deaths of Jon Carmichael, Phoebe Prince, and Jessica Logan caught the attention of many people between the years of 2007-2012. The common cause of the suicidal deaths were that each person was bullied by their peers. Jon Carmichael was "stripped, tied, and placed upside down in a trash can as well as having his head placed in the toilet bowl as it was flushed numerous times" (Garby 448). They bullied him just because he was small. Phoebe Prince was followed, made fun of, "had cans thrown at her, and harassed online" (Garby 448). They bullied her because of a boy she dated. Jessica Logan was harassed by hundreds of girls because an ex-boyfriend sent naked pictures of her through his phone (Garby 448). Out of these cases, only Phoebe Prince’s came out in local authorities bringing charges against those involved. There was an incident in 2012 when Amanda Todd committed suicide because of her naked pictures and told her story on YouTube. Many people saw her video that year and felt really sorry for her. There were many posts on Facebook about her that they would stand up for her and let her rest in peace. These victims are not taken seriously and the bully thinks i...

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...o prevent it from happening. As a victim of bullying, it is never an easy thing to let go and move on. There are many things that comes with bullying, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. It 's not something to think lightly of just because it may not happen to you but it can happen to your loved ones one day and then be surprised about it. It 's good to be aware of it and know that it 's wrong to hurt someone.
There have been many suicides and is increasing as time goes on. We can support anti-bullying organizations and programs. We need harsher punishment for the bullies in school because suspension isn’t enough to change these teenagers into a more mature person. This is important to everyone because these suicidal deaths can affect the future of the world. Someone may be in danger right at this moment and we may not be able to do anything about it.

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