How Does Bullying Affect Teenagers?

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How does bullying affect teenagers?
Bullying includes actions that can be physical, mental, or emotional and result in one person having power over another (Jenson, Jeffery M.,et al).There is also Cyber bullying which is using technology to degrade and belittle the victim (“Teenager Bullying”). Physical bullying is the most easily identified form of bullying. It is when the bully tries to bodily control the victim by hitting or striking (“Teenage Bullying”). Emotional bullying is when the bully is trying to get the victim to feel lonely or secluded from others (“Teenage Bullying”). Emotional bullying is often a method that girls use instead of boys (“Teenage Bullying”).
Bullying is an issue that has been around for decades and is something that can affect everyone, no matter what his or her age is. Even though bullying has changed over the years from being physical abuse and harassment that happens on the playgrounds of schoolyards to tormenting over the Internet. The same groups are still affected namely adolescents. Statistically about 30 percent of all teenagers in the United States are bullied in one-way or another (“Teenage Bullying”).
Bullying is something that can affect everyone involved. It not only affects the person being bullied, but it affects the bystanders, and the bully themselves (“Effects of Bullying”). There are seven different parts someone could play in a bullying situation. “The bully, the henchman, the supporters, the possible bullies, the onlookers, the possible defenders, and the defenders”(“How Bullying Affects Children”).
The students who act as the bully are the ones who instigate the bullying. The henchman simply means these children are encouraging the bullying; however they do not normally start the...

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